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Infinity Volleyball Club Athlete 

We are excited to have all of y'all in!  Follow the steps below and contact Doug with any questions you have!

1) create a profile with us or create a new password if you don't recall your password through an internet password

***skip creating a profile/reset password step if you already know your login info for an a returning client**

2) Join the IVC Athlete group with your login through an internet browser

3) Download the APEC app and login to your profile on the app

Once you have created a profile or can access your profile you will need to use that login to join this free online group.  This group will be something in our APEC app where we communicate to yall, where health resources are, what we use on test days, and where online workouts will be. Once you have joined the group through an internet browser then you will need to download the app and then login to it to access everything in the group. 

Once your athlete has logged into the APEC App then you are set to go! You will get further instructions at your first day of APEC!

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